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Lambretta TV 175 Series II

BJ 1959 alles original und alles tip top 

14.990 CHF

General Information

The TV 175 Ser. II was an attempt to recover from the disaster of the Ser I TV. The first TV 175 was a failure primarily because the motor was complex and unreliable, but with the 175 Ser II, Innocenti had finally gotten things right. As a solution, they essentially used an overbored LI 150 motor for the power plant, and with that, eliminated the reliability problems that had dogged the earlier TV. 


The body on the TV Series II is essentially identical to that on the LI. In terms of styling, the Series II was not substantially altered from the TV Series I which preceded it. The most notable alteration was that the headlight was moved from the fixed position on the front horncasting, up to the front of the handlebars where it would be able to move with the steering of the scooter. Not only was this a safety improvement, but it helped create an aesthetic harmony on the scooter, and helped to balance out the sheer size of the legshields and front mudguard. 

The handlebars themselves were also radically altered to accommodate the change. The speedometer retained its earlier round shape, but was sunken into the top of the bars, rather than protruding out as it had on the Series I. A green plastic "gem" was located above of the headlight which would glow when the high beams were on. A kill switch and a covered lock were located at the back of the handlebars facing towards the rider. The horn and light switch was located on the right handlebar. The handlebar assembly was split, so that with the removal of two screws, the top cover could be removed for easy access to the cables and wiring inside.

Badging was the same as on the Series I, with a long "art deco" style Lambretta and TV175 badge on each side-panel, and a small Lambretta badge and model designation badge on the legshield. There was also an Innocenti shield in the center of the horncasting. During the production run there were minor changes to the horncasting and the rear taillight lens. The dampeners on the front fork were retained from the Series I. Additionally, the Series II 175 came with a dual saddle seat as standard much like the Series I. The rest of the body was essentially identical to the Li Series II. 


With the TV 175 Series II motor, Innocenti were forced to significantly depart from the motor design from the first series. The first series motors had proven themselves unreliable, and difficult to produce. The solution was to simply alter the motor from the LI 125/150 Series I, which had been quite reliable. The engine on the TV had a different barrel and head, and had an increased stroke from that on the LI models. Throughout the production run there were alterations to the carburetor and generator. This excellent motor propelled the sales of the TV 175 the scooter now had a relatively powerful motor which was reliable and could push this heavy "sporting" scooter to over 60 mph!

Bottom Line

In terms of parts availability, the fact that the motors share many components with the LI Series makes sure that most spares are just a mouse-click away. As with the LI Series II, many body parts are fairly difficult to find at this point, forty years on. Still, with a bit of patience and a wad of cash, you can still get most parts for the Series II. 

The TV Ser. II is a rare scooter in the US, and so prices can be high when they come up for sale (which is seldom). These scooters were good looking and powerful for their time. They still keep up just fine in modern traffic, although their rarity makes them probably more valuable as a collector's show bike than a beater to get around on. 

Number Produced:34,928

Years Produced:1959-61




8.500 CHF

16.400 km

Erstanmeldung 2008

100kW 136 PS

inklusive Termignoni Racinganlage

alle Originalteile vorhanden



13.999 CHF

BJ 1994

32.000 KM


alle Originalteile vorhanden

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